DeVerle's All Purpose Seasoning

is a savory, all-in-one special seasoning that enhances the flavor

of your favorite dish.

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1-5 Bottles: $8.00

6-20 Bottles: $15.00


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The DeVerle's Story

DeVerle's Seasoning has been a favorite of people in Cache Valley since 1974. That was the year DeVerle Hoth opened his family restaurant “DeVerle’s Juniper Inn” in Hyde Park, Utah. He experimented with a mixture of spices to use at his restaurant, coming up with the final product which he called “DeVerle’s All Purpose Seasoning”. Frequently, customers would ask to purchase a jar of this special seasoning to use at home.


Finally, with the help of his son, Kirk DeVerle Hoth, they began bottling DeVerle’s All Purpose Seasoning for local stores. In 1991, Kirk opened his own restaurant, Juniper Take Out & Restaurant, in Logan, Utah, and also purchased the seasoning company from his father. Kirk has been producing and distributing DeVerle’s All Purpose Seasoning since that time.


DeVerle’s All Purpose Seasoning is available at Juniper Take Out & Restaurant at 35 E 400 N in Logan, and at most grocery stores in Cache Valley, Utah. It can also be purchased by calling 435-760-0473.


We welcome your comments or questions at PO Box 6214, North Logan, UT 84341.


DeVerle's All Purpose Seasoning

(435) 760-0473  |  P.O. Box 6214, North Logan, UT 84341